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soundate - new ways of perceiving music.

company    soundate is an innovative software company based in Munich, Germany. We offer solutions for the on-line music market providing new methods in communication and service for vendors and consumers of digital music.  
products    Using state of the art technology for content-based music recognition and representation soundate products help on-line music vendors to bring their supply to market. Moreover, soundate provides a completely new way of dealing with music content for all market participants.  
[August 2003] Soundate announces the first beta version of the gatExplorer, which is going to be released commercially soon. It is soundate's first software client bringing in a completely new experience with digital music content. gatExplorer automatically organizes collections of music files by analyzing their audio content - a feature no conventional music player offers at the moment. In order to make the usage of the program more comfortable for the user soundate's gatExplorer employs a new visualization technique for digital music content using soundate's gatMap technology. [read more]
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